Life Lessons Learned from Mom

Life Lessons Learned from Mom

As children we look at our mothers as queens. Their words are the truth, but then we become adolescents and teens and their advice becomes moot. Well finally at 23 I am realizing she has been right all along {don’t get too big of a head though haha}.

Here are the 10 most valuable lessons I have learned from my momma:

1.    Don’t allow fear of failure to hold you back.

My mom has preached that you don’t want to look back and wish you had done something from the time I was young. This lesson got me through my first volleyball tryouts, my first time running for student council, my decision to go abroad, my attempt at organic chemistry for my pre-veterinary track, running for the only student position on the play therapy board, and so much more. Earlier today I was talking to her about this lesson and she reminded me “if it was easy everybody would do it.”

2.    Sometimes you just have to make a decision and live with it.

Anyone else not a good decision maker as a child?! Me. Me. Me. I remember crying in stores unsure if I wanted to buy a shirt or not…ya it was that bad. Over time I’ve learned from my mom that a decision has to be made, so picking what is best for you at the time is all you can do. Being anxious over end results that you cannot possibly know helps no one.

3.    Always be kind, but don’t settle.

Being kind to others has been engrained in me since birth. But being nice doesn’t mean being a pushover and getting less than what you deserve.

4.    Surround yourself with good people.

This is a lesson my mother demonstrated more than spoke. The amazing women, like my Aunt Brenda, my mom chooses to hang out with is a direct reflection of the beautiful person she is.

5.    When you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I’ve. Heard. This. For. Years. And it goes quite nicely with lesson #3: to be kind. Moaning about how unfair life is or hating on others doesn’t propel you forward, it only drags you down with them. When talking about this one with my mom today she jokingly said “that’s why I’m so quiet at the house” hahaha funnnyyyy mom.

6.    Memories are worth more than things.

7.    Putting some effort into your looks can highly benefit your self-worth.

Okay, this one may be a bit controversial because yes our self-worth shouldn’t be tied up in our clothes or makeup or societies definition of beauty, but the real lesson here is to ‘look good, feel good’. Which I’ve found to be TOO true in my own life. Hello new hair.

8.    Just do the damn thing.

Take the trip. Get the dog. Date the boy. We only have one shot at life. This lesson was spurred by my grandmother’s passing in which my parents decided to leave our hometown and move to Tiki Island; they did the damn thing and are happier because of it.

9.    You get what you pay for.

I.e.: toilet paper. Cottonelle and HEB brand are not equals.

10.  You don’t give up.

This is a lesson passed on from my angel grandmother. She was sick every single day fighting heart disease and chron’s among some other pains, yet she kept chugging. My mom likes to remind me that everyone is going through something and you don’t give into it. You have good and bad days, but you make everyday count.

And being raised by such a strong momma who inspired me to be myself, I have been able to teach her a few lessons as well:

1.    My life. My choice.

I love to take my family’s opinions into my decision making process, but I know that my life is the one at risk so I sometimes make decisions against the grain if it is what is best for me. Like traveling Thailand with friends, changing my major to Psychology in college, signing up for ALL THE THINGS, having multiple pets, etc. The list goes on...

2.    Stand up for yourself.

There are times to say no. To be quite honest I am not great at this, refer to my 'yes-er' blog, but I am fully aware of the struggle and consequences.

3.    Chill out.

Take time to do things for yourself. When I was asking her what I taught her the actual answer was “you taught me to watch TV” hahaha. But after further investigation she meant self-care and releasing the things we don’t need to hold onto.

I wouldn’t trade my momma for the world. I am sure the life lessons will continue being shared over the next several years {especially once the grandkids come-yikes}, but I vow to take them with an eager ear instead of fight them like my high school self.

Love you to the moon and back mom.



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