Last Minute Valentine's Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Ideas

Okay, now ladies. Yeah?
Now we gonna break this thing down for just a few seconds
Now don't have me break this thing down for nothin'
I want to see you on your sweetest behavior
Lend me some candy hearts, I am your sister
Ah, here we go

OutKast's official music video for 'Hey Ya!'. Click to listen if you did not catch my reference.

But really, for any last minute gifters out there I have compiled a list of my favorite Valentine’s this year for anyone from your mother-in-law to your child’s teacher to your best friend (oh, and don’t forget the dog)!

Valentine’s day is not about having a significant other to buy you chocolates, it is about showing love to the people around you. If you’re looking to impact your community, try calling your local women’s shelter and seeing if they need any Valentine’s stuffers or goodie bags for the women and children who are displaced due to violence.

Find my favorite ideas below:

For Your Significant Other:

The Amazon Fire HD 10“ is my pick!

  • An Alexa enabled tablet for $150, plus 3% cash back on Ibotta right now. I actually bought one on sale back in January, but you can’t go wrong with this. Reasons I love it: stop scrolling Facebook or watching YouTube on your tiny phone, Alexa can help you find whatever you need including a Valentine’s dinner recipe if you take her into the kitchen, and finally it is a great substitute for a laptop while hanging around the house. Don’t forget to grab a case too!

  • I found the CUTEST wrapping in the Target dollar section and filled the ‘Special Delivery’ mailbox with my sweeties favorite candies. By my surprise, Marshall’s of all places had my favorite Valentine’s cards for under $5!

For Your Bestie or the Busy Mom in Your Life:

A nice little bundle is the best way to go! Included:

  • The Parent Planner; can be found at your local Target for quick pickup OR Amazon Prime to arrive by Wednesday, February 13th! $29.99

  • The Shine Project Jewelry; I ordered handmade jewelry items ahead of time to support first generation college students and gift a beautiful piece. I recommend finding a local boutique to pick up a delicate necklace from! Varies

  • Bath Bombs; what girl doesn’t love some relaxation? Epsom salts with essential oils are another great substitute! $2.99-$10.99

valentines 15.JPG

For Your Mother In-Law or a Child’s Teacher:

Who doesn’t love to eat? Show your appreciation for your mother in-law’s wonderful cooking by returning the favor. Or send some goodies to the school to help the teacher make it through the day on a sugar high!

  • I personally will be filling this tupperware from Target with a family recipe, cranberry salad, but a fresh loaf of homemade bread or sugar cookies will do!

For The Dog:

Petsmart has some seriously cute toys out this season (including a pizza man I almost could not resist), but these sweet, stuffed hearts were just $2.99 near the register!

I hope this helped you find some last minute ideas to gift for Valentine’s this year! I love spreading joy, especially to those who may not be expecting a Valentine’s treat this holiday. I’d love to see what you all are giving and receiving on the 14th - just tag me on Facebook or Instagram @risewithshelby.

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