You can make a wish OR you can make it happen

You can make a wish OR you can make it happen

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It may be February, but you can revamp and revise your resolutions all year to reach your goals. Or at least thats what I tell myself as I sit down and write this post a month later than expected...forgive me, but I have a giveaway inside to make up for it!

Didn't I read on Facebook that January was a free trial month anyhow? 

This year I have chosen to put a whole new meaning to resolutions. In the past I have crafted grand schemes or set goals I'm not fully committed to, not this year. In 2018 I decided to dedicate myself to a mantra and put my dreams into the universe not to hope they happen, but to MAKE them happen. 



  • a firm decision to do or not to do something

  • the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter

So here they are:

1. Work on my time management skills; aka devise a plan that works for ME! In 2017 I would have said: get everything done. Well honey, that is not realistic in the crazy, wonderful life I have created for myself. I have roughly five to do lists going at one time. One for work, one for school, one for state boards I sit on or committees I belong to, one for my business, and one for chores/life/reminders to do simple things like text my friends. I knew what I was getting myself into, but never before have I had so many responsibilities piled up so high that I felt breathless as I drown below. I thought I felt that way in the past, but I had no clue what I was talking about. Instead of allowing anxiety to take over and sleeping away the fear I have been able to remember that I am in control here. My ability to manage my time and focus on the most important task at hand (or sometimes the most fun task at hand) has allowed me to survive the first month of the year. One down, eleven to go. 

2. Let the little things go. One thing that I noticed holding me back last year was the negativity I allowed into my life. Yes, that is me taking responsibility for allowing it in. This has been the hardest action for me to follow thus far. When friends don't respect my time or a classmate whom I barely know speaks negatively about me it is best for my own mental health and productivity standard to let it roll off my back. This is hard, really hard. So hard that the two examples I just gave happened months ago yet they still hurt my feelings. I am learning to let it go by adding positive affirmations into my daily routine <- the next resolution!

3. Add positive affirmations into my morning routine. Err wait, I mean Create A Morning Routine! Yup as simple as that. If anyone has ever read The 5 Second Rule or the next personal development book on my list, The Miracle Morning, you know how important the first few hours of your day can be. My morning routine now consists of waking up at 5 am (ideally NO multiple alarms, however on weekends I still cannot resist sometimes), choosing and resonating with a positive affirmation, and reading a testimony I wrote to myself that I may be vulnerable enough to share at another time. I'm working on adding additional pieces to my routine like a few minutes of meditation/breathing or working out, but for now I'm committed to making sure the other pieces are a solidly built habit first. And in referencing back to our definition of resolution, these are things I firmly decided to do each morning; not an ideal I hope I remember to perform, but a commitment to myself. 

4. Live by my mantra. For 2018 I chose one word: Rise. As most of you know I started this little company called Project Rise Up and am in graduate school to be a counselor for children who have experienced complex trauma. I love the idea of rising above the obstacles life has thrown at us. Rising above my old self. Rising to help others. For me this word signifies the growth I want to experience in 2018. I wear a necklace with the word rise engraved on it, or at least carry it in my purse, everyday. This way when I feel I need a reminder of why I am pushing through the hard situations or need help making a decision, I can remember that in everything I do this year I must rise. 

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Life is a game, Play It!

Life is a game, Play It!