{Last Minute} DIY Mother's Day Bundle Ideas

{Last Minute} DIY Mother's Day Bundle Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner; this Sunday May 13 is the time to celebrate the maternal figure in your home and mothers in your community! If you haven’t quite found the perfect gift or this blog is reminding you that UH-OH you only have 4 days left then scroll down to find some DIY Gift Bundles I made on-the-go for inspiration.

One thing I’d like to mention before I move on is: this holiday can also be a time of great distress for those who have lost the maternal figures in their life. This month six years ago I lost my grandma who was my best friend and last night trying to write this post I broke down in tears…several times. So be sure to pour some love into those who may be missing their momma this month too! Even if it’s a simple text on Mother’s Day with the graphic below »

Mother quote.jpg

Yesterday I consulted handy-dandy Pinterest for some last minute gifts for my mom and some other special women in my life and I came up with two fast, cheap gifts you can grab after work!

1.     Coffee Mug Bundle

So this is the present I am gifting my mom. I think coffee mugs can be overrated and how many mugs does one lady really need? So be sure to find one that really matches the personality of your momma! I was taking a long stroll down the aisles of target and when I saw this one with the palm leaves I knew she needed it for her home in Tiki. Then find a few of her favorite things to fill it and add a bow. Another idea I had with this bundle was too stuff the items in a cute, cozy pair of slippers but alas at Target, Marshall's, and Ross I struck out.

Some ideas for stuffers {and my favorite mugs!} are linked here:

Stoneware Mugs (what I chose!)  & Floral Monogram Mugs (there were plenty left at the San Marcos location)

Favorite candies (To stock Mom’s Emergency Stash!)

Small, travel makeup brushes ($5-$13), I've linked the same set I got from Ross which are available on Amazon

Nail polish (pick a color she normally wouldn't pick up herself, my momma has ALL the blues so I went for a light pink instead)

Gift cards (Starbucks, HEB, Nike, etc.)

Scrapbook Stickers

Stylish desk accessories (post it notes and nice pens are the way to my heart)

Grandson/Granddaughter's Birthstone Necklace ( i found some adorable ones at Target! About $15-20. I've linked a similar one, but the color of the stone varies on month)

mom present.jpg

2.     A Basket Full Bundle

This is a gift I would create for a momma I don’t know as well. In my case I made it for a woman who has raised an awesome man in my life, but it would also be great for a new momma you work with or neighbor! If you want some additional fun ideas for how to help out your momma neighbors read my Neighbor Acts of Kindness post. Anyhow, similar to the mug it is a bundle of items, but I went with a simple wooden motherhood sign that could match any décor- Hobby Lobby has a ton of similar options right now! Then I filled the rest of the basket, which I got for $3.99 at Marshall’s, with candy- Starburst, Ferrero Rocher, and Lindt oh my! I finished it off with an HEB gift card {every momma has to provide food for the family}, but a massage gift card would also rock, and a polaroid. The nice thing about this bundle is it took me one quick trip to create and as much or as little can be added as you like. This one ran me about $16 in fillers + $40 HEB gift card.

mom life gift basket.jpg

Do you have a wild and crazy week? No time to go out and make your own bundle? Or do you live far away from your momma? 

3. Mail Jewelry. Give Back.

Project Rise Up can mail a personalized Mother's Day note signed from you with any handmade jewelry purchases made this week! Orders must be in by Wednesday 5/9 at midnight for guaranteed on time delivery. Shop what is in stock at www.project-rise-up.com/boutique and add your note at checkout for it to be handwritten on a card and mailed with your order. Wondering what The Shine Project jewelry is that we sell? Read more about it at www.project-rise-up.com/about

While these gifts may seem small I don’t find this holiday to be about lavish gifts, but more of the sentiment behind them. Time spent with family is never time wasted.

I hope you now have some ideas on how to create last minute DIY bundles for Mother’s Day!

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