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If I cannot define home as one place, one group of people, one moment in time, then how confusing it can be to define something even larger like myself and my purpose!

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(No) Home for the Holidays

In our world the holidays are about family and gifts. Imagine the pressure of Christmas or Hanukkah if you have recently lost a loved one and their noticeable absence dampers the spirit others expect you to have. Imagine being a foster child with a garbage bag noticeably empty yet containing all of your belongings, hoping and praying that you get not just a toy this season, but a family. Imagine being a single parent evicted from your apartment resorting to life in a woman’s shelter this year, unable to provide any of the extras other children will be bragging about.

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Creating My Work Space

Having a proper workspace in a one-bedroom apartment full with myself, 2 (precious) dogs, and a cat is hard to find space for. Wouldn’t want a doggy tail to accidentally knock over the bead box…can you imagine 1,000 beads bouncing across the dark vinyl floor as I scramble to catch them mid-air and throw them in the box before they become ingested by my hungry hungry hippo of a golden retriever? This necessary organization and finding inspiration is why a proper workspace is so important.

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